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Louann الحب حب



💚 Hi!! I’m crazy passionate in helping you live your best life. (Oh, and I’m a dog stalker - let me Love on your pooch, please)! 😘🐶 * Although this is a talking app… Your *Actions* Speak Volumes > Words * 💜 Transformational Life & Growth Mentor/Coach 💖 Reiki Energy Healing Master Teacher 🤲 Purpose driven biz that Loves giving back. To name a few: Make-A-Wish, TAP-OC, Samaritan’s Purse, OC Food Bank & Others * * * 👋 Friendly & outgoing introvert that cares about people (I’m not flirting). * * * 🌟 Ever since I was a child (especially after my mom died), I knew my calling, passion & purpose is to create a safe space for you to transform your fears & worries to a positive mindset, build your confidence & self-love so you can live a happier life! 🥰 What I Can Help You With: ✅ Speak Your Truth ✅ Release Sad Emotions ✅ Clarity In Your Life’s Path ✅ Build Healthy Boundaries ✅ Improve Your Relationships ✅ Uplevel Your Communication ✅ Feel Calm & Gain Inner Peace ✅ Elevate Your Self-Love & Self-Care ✅ Let Go Of Fears, Worries & Anxieties ✅ Attain A Positive & Stronger Mindset ✅ Propel Forward & Transform Your Life ✅ Increase Your Self-Esteem & Confidence ✅ Amplify Personal Growth & Development * * * Do you do these things too? 🧐 🤭 Fasting anywhere between 18-528 hours. 😅 Completed the 75 Hard Challenge. 👧 Hiked solo 28 miles in a day for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, making wishes come true for children with critical illnesses. 👦 ⛰ Completed the Arizona 6 Peak Challenge. 🪂 Skydived 18,000 ft at Santa Barbara (highest in SoCal)! 🚣‍♂️ Rowed 200-250K meters in a month for fun and fitness. * * * Fun Facts: 👩‍🚀 Love the Women Rise NFT 🍄 People feel comfortable opening up & share their personal life with me quickly. 💝 I have done an energy healing session at the market. 🤗 Love to volunteer, mentor, make authentic connections & spread Love wherever I go! 🍕 Love ~ Chicago 🌈 Currently ~ Cali * * * With Much ♥️, Louann. Please Note: Any information shared is my opinion and is for general informational and educational purposes only. If you need any medical or immediate assistance, please contact a healthcare professional.