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Lori Saitz




Helping entrepreneurs & professionals use gratitude and meditation for business success. 🔸 CEO of Zen Rabbit 🌸 Host of the podcast “FINE is a 4-Letter Word” 🎤 Speaker 🧲 Marketer 📝 Copywriter 🎧 Former on-air radio person 🍵 Tea snob 📚 Literacy advocate 🐯 Animal lover 💪 Weight room enthusiast ❤️ Baking & eating 🏠 Northern Virginia / DC metro area Look at one of the things almost all the highest performing business leaders and athletes have in common. They ALL practice meditation. Do you? If not, you have to ask yourself, are you really committed to achieving success? Because if meditation is a key to reaching your goals - and it can help you reach them without working harder - then what is your resistance? Now imagine amplifying all the benefits of “regular” meditation and taking it to the next level by customizing it to exclusively for you. For YOUR goals and desires. That’s what I do. Create customized gratitude meditations. See more at For entrepreneurial professionals who want to reach their goals faster without working harder. 👀 LOOKING to connect with HR pros who want to provide wellness benefits to their employees. OPEN to co-moderating rooms & guesting on podcasts 😀 Available for delivering lunch & learns or digital workshops on “Using Gratitude and Meditation for Business Success.” Find me on LinkedIn at Reach out to me directly at [email protected]. Or text 561.889.8195.