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Lori-Ann Speed




Pianist, Composer 🎹 ❤️ recording and performing artist writing conscious music. Pouring love, beauty and grace into every note. Cinematic instrumental music for reflecting,dreaming,feeling. @loriannspeedofficial Founder 👉🏻✳️ Piano 🎹 by Lori-Ann Live Original Piano Mondays 7pm PST. Guided Meditation with Live Original Piano. Wednesdays 9am PST. *********************************** 💿 I am fortunate to record and perform the music I write. I have produced and recorded 8 albums. 6 of them are on my website. 4 albums are streaming world wide. One of my albums was nominated for best instrumental release at the West Coast Music awards. Kolin Lymworth of Banyan Sound Canada, writes “Lori-Ann Speed is a visionary composer and pianist of our time. This uniquely channeled contemporary classical music will touch you deeply.” Need music? DM me. ——————————————- 🎓 Bachelor of Music-UBC 📚Diploma Fine Arts-Emily Carr/UBC 📚Diploma French Language and Culture- Univ.Grenoble, France 💗 Multi Modality Healer 🌸 Professional Intuitive 🎗️Certified Facilitator 🥋 Black Belt TKD 🚴‍♀️ Cycling 🧘‍♂️ Meditation Guide. Wellness Ninja. 💦expert slalom water skier with a perennial passion for health and fitness. “Lori-Ann’s music gives body to emotions that are beyond words. It is thoughtfully composed and expressively performed.” - David Wisdom, CBC Stereo “Lori-Ann Speed is a Vancouver-based composer-pianist. Her music aims to touch the souls of her audience, and spans from light-hearted works meant to provide repose and relaxation to high-intensity, fast-paced opuses that conjure the type of cinematic imagery that turn atheists into believers.” Track Ops Music Through the pure, simple, unadorned beauty of the piano, I speak to you about love, life and what it means to be a human. My music is a soulful soundtrack. Revealed in my music is the bittersweet recognition of life's fragility and a melody of beauty for the naked heart as the sound of love, but also as a symbol of hope and faith in a better day and a better world.   ✍️ Author of the forth coming book The Way of the Magdalene: A Path to Feminine Wisdom for Revolutionary Change at Home and in the World.