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Lonnie Marts




❇️: TikTok 2M Followers 📸: Instagram 450k Followers 📲: Facebook 40k Followers 📺: YouTube 23k Followers 🚩@LonnieIIV on all Socials ✅ Social Media Content Creation Expert 🎙 Voice Actor based in LA🌴 🎭Comedy Content Creator Organically grown audience from: 🔹0-2Million on Tiktok in 3 months 🔹8k-400k in 4 months on Instagram 🤝Brand Deals : Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Old Spice, Mentos, Pringles ⭕️ My passion is creating refreshing content to help people get a break from life; 🎉 Love talking about: Entrepreneurship, Positivity and Mental Health, Digital Engagement, Ideation, L6S, esports, 🎮 Smash Bros, 🎹 Creating Music, ENTP, Jacksonville Florida 📥 Connect with me on LinkedIn: Lonnie Marts III ⬇️ Let’s connect on IG!