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🔥Look for my new show, "Book More Business Live" on FB live. Details coming! ⭐️Host, founder, "MAKE MONEY SPEAKING" Club 🎤working with speakers, consultants and experts who want to book more business, make more money and monetize their message. 📚 🖥 Other places to find me: 🌐 email [email protected] 👨‍⚕‍ Clients include Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup” “The Success Principles” and Jeffrey Gitomer “The Sales Bible” as well as many others whose names you may not recognize but who do very well speaking 🎙. 🎯 Featured in: 📰The Wall Street Journal 📰Forbes 📰Bloomberg Business. 📰Speaker Magazine 🎤Featured on National Speakers Assoc Clubhouse Room 📚Author: 🏆📚"Book More Business: MAKE MONEY SPEAKING” - my business in a book. Contains success strategies I share with clients.🏆🏆 🛒 Available on Amazon and at bookstores. 🏆📚"The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches” - if you have a book this will show you the many ways to promote it and yourself to sell more of each. 🏆🏆 🛒 Available on Amazon and at bookstores. 🦮 My #1 assistant - Buddy the Intern 🐾 Voted "Employee of the Year" for 6th straight year! 🏆 Member of: 🎙 National Speakers Association 🎙 Canadian Assoc of Prof Speakers 🎙 Global Speakers Federation 🎙 Honorary Fellow - Prof Speakers Assoc - United Kingdom/Ireland 🌍 St. Louis, MO