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Marino Hernandez




Together we are Localverse.  Our vision is... everyoneᐝpowerful  (knowledge and creation in everyone's hands)  The key to that is for local businesses to flourish, and for the open commons to thrive.  Local and open. They're timeless. And great together.  By enriching the open commons, we help local goods to fill the shelves at stores. To be more solid quality. Good to nature. Good to people. Open source. And a real delight at a bargain price.  Every month we'll host a competition with a prize for the best tool to help advance things in that direction.  Localverse is a for-purpose company.  We're so open, you'll always be next to the driver’s seat.  One of our first competitions will invite people to craft a gift card, Local & Main, for shopping authentically local. The gift card itself will be locally crafted! (everywhere) Because that's how we do things at Localverse. All local, all open. We even printed our flyers locally. Month after month we’ll host a new competition, for a better, local and open alternative to stuff we currently buy. We'll recreate goods with better biz models. Join in, collaborate! You'll profit first (before we do), as we value contributors. And, our motto is: ‘f%$@k greed’. Reach out to learn how you can get involved!