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Llama Speaks




I don’t always have an opinion, I don’t always speak, but I always think and when I speak I have an opinion. We live in localized pockets of asymmetry of the hyperverse. We produce localized pockets of negentropy. The past is a reflection of our current state as it exists now as was determined by the actions of the past. The future is an illusion. The now is all that exists, and yet you can never catch up to it because your conscious perception always lags behind. Your conscious perception is a type of UX overlay of your brain, where evolutionary relevant paths are represented in what we refer to as consciousness. Our brains determine these paths, the better the brain, the better it is at recognizing these paths. Open your consciousness, your awareness shapes potentiality. Guide your consciousness, it is the path you choose of the options available that shape your future brain state and therefore conscious experience. The hyperverse is infinite and all things are possible, however only self consistent things exist through time. Our universe and you are two examples. Consciousness is the result of the evolution of self consistent patterns within the hyperverse as a way of assisting in ensuring its continued self consistency and therefore existence or “life”. Your purpose is to choose the path which maximizes the probability of the resiliency of self consistency of the universe, and by extension humanity and yourself, simultaneously, through time. I(e)NTJ