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⚔️The Battle is Real!⚔️ The line in the sand is drawn! I AM A WARRIOR! 🙏🙏🙏 Social Entrepreneur! Inspirational writer, singer, songwriter, photographer. There is Only One You!😎 You have a song to sing or message to bring! It’s Time to take a Stand & Shine your light and Be the difference! Available for Speaking and Podcasts! Here to Inspire, Faith, Hope,& Action! 🔥50 Years of Sales & Marketing🔥 Overcoming daily the Domestically Abused Woman, Fighting the SYSTEM designed to HOLD WOMEN DOWN! I broke the mold, becoming a Trailblazer Forerunner for women in business as a Grassroots, Award Winning Sales & Niche Marketing Queen! Facing every Fear! Leading the way for others, I change my life and others follow! 🗝I Learned How to Pray🙏🙏🙏 I believe In the supernatural power of prayer. It changes everything! When I found the 🗝’s I ✅Got off food stamps, SSI! ✅ Won a MN Supreme Court Decision 2005! With No Money!!! ✅Ran for Lt. Governor 2010! 🙏Bought my own home! 🌺As a Multitalented INSPIRATIONAL Artist, whose GIFTS and TALENTS made away for me to overcome, survive, to see the BEAUTY I Found NEW LIFE through the DARKNESS of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! Today I share my stories of faith, as a living testimony, of walking through the valley of death, loss and violence with God’s love and faithfulness! Photography is my passion as it opened my eyes to see a new world, Overcoming PTSD I found and reclaimed peace, beauty & a new life behind the lens of my camera by Chasing Eagles, Birds finding God in nature! I am inspired to share my gifts a lifetime of Stories, Songs, & Photography with wisdom learned in future books and NFTs! I am a Domain Investor selling my inventory to pursue my vision. I believe in Life Gods Way In Business and in Life its the only way and I teach how! If you struggle with your business, relationships, spiritual identity, losses or personal life, If you are looking to walk in Kingdom Power, Blessings and Authority? As a life and spiritual coach I mentor 1 on 1 or in groups for business or life, finding success❤️God’s Way! My rooms are below⤵️