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Liz Murdoch




Animal Communicator/Dog Whisperer. Highly Sensitive Intuitive Empath. Podcaster. I talk to animals and get specific insights from your pets perspective, plus find out what they want & need you to know 🎙Podcast host: Talking with the dogs!™ 📚 Author:Talking with the dogs! Official Workbook;Talking with the dogs! Journal 🎬YouTube: 🧑🏻‍🎓M.A. Int’l Education & Communication. Teachers College, Columbia University 🧑🏻‍🎓Certified Trainer, Center for Human Development - Active Listening & community building for students, trainers & families. Book 30 or 60 min chat session: Gain detailed insights from your dog’s perspective about behavior, health issues, life transitions & grief support. Learn to trust your gut & become confident with pet care decisions & strategies: Work with me: 🖥 Online consults, coaching, workshops 🙏🏻Energy Healing & EFT 🎉 Events 🎙Podcast Guesting Let’s chat: [email protected] 🆓 DM me for: 5 Steps to Knowing What Your Dog Wants! 🏡 Clubhouse: Grief & Pet Loss, Mondays 5pm PST Intro to EFT Tapping: Tues. 12pm, PST Dog Talk: Wednesday, 11am PST, Join club: @withthedogs 😍Workshops teaching how to connect & communicate effectively with pets at all stages of life. Stop wondering or struggling with concerns! Resolve issues, achieve greater connection with your dog and your dog care team, including your vet, dog trainer, dog walker and groomer. Cats, horses & turtles too! 😻🐎 👂Trust your gut and find out your pets’ perspectives on any topic. 🐶🐈‍⬛🐎Animal advocate drawing on thousands of conversations & lifelong experience living and working with dogs, cats, horses. Dog Training, Canine Good Citizen, Animal Assisted Therapy, animal rescue, dog and home evaluator ⁉️It’s ok if you’re skeptical, just know I’m here using my intuition & experience helping dogs and other animals. Speaker: 🇺🇸 😉 Intuition 🐾 Animal communication 👂 Active Listening 👋 Energy Healing Every dog has something to say! 🐾🐾