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Juanita Davis




Holistic psychotherapist, Meditation Guide 🧘🏾‍♀️ Transformation & Wellness Coach🌱 Private Practice Owner | Living Well Integrative Counseling, LLC 🛋 📍 Atlanta,GA/virtual I help women find balance during major life transitions with my UNIQUE approach combining Therapy with Yoga & Nutrition. 💫Learn to ✅Reconnect to your body with yoga, breath work & nutritional self-care ✅Eat for optimal mental & physical health ✅Change your inner dialogue to change your life ✅Show up authentically My area of expertise 📗 🌀Nutritional Self-Care 🌀Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 🌀Meditation 🌀Intermittent Fasting for Mental Clarity & Weight Loss 🌀Gluten & Dairy Free Lifestyle 🌀Yoga for Mental Health 🌀Energy Healing (Reiki Master) Not quite ready to commit to therapy or coaching? Start you journey to wellness with Black Girl Living Well cards, unique affirmation cards based on wellness practices 🔅Founder CH club Black Girl Living Well IG @blackgirllivingwell Because I love sharing what I know works! Let’s connect & Build Community! Other things about me I’m a mom of boys ⚽️ A Black Girl who gardens 👩🏾‍🌾 💕💚Alpha Kappa Alpha woman Novice Herbalist 🌱 I journal, script📔 & manifest! Aspiring Podcast host 🎙 Aspiring Online Course Creator Realtor 🏠 Real Estate and Stock investor ⚠️ CH is NOT Therapy and I do not provide therapy on CH. To work with me visit my website and connect. Or to find a therapist check out 👇🏾