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Andrea Kimberley




Helping the self resourceful create radical personal transformation through visual art 🎨 Full time artist and nature lover 🌿 Wild Woman Archetype Enthusiast Inspired by intuition and emotions🌸 What if creativity could unlock the mystery of emotions to create deep inner healing? 🌿 Artist+Author+Teacher+🏳️‍🌈 Check it out: ✨4x Author ✨Mural artist ✨Teacher of emotional integration through art around Western Canada 🌿Full time artist since 2018 🌿Developed an allergy to my main medium of acrylic paint 😵‍💫🤢 🌿Released my dreams of continuing life as an artist. 🌿Then found digital art and NFT’s! 🌿Bonus: non-toxic milk paint is something I can use!! ☀️resilient by nature ☀️silly at heart ☀️love to love ☀️also a little spicy sometimes 🌶 Where is our world and the metaverse going? I have no idea but I am excited to be part of the creating⚡️