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Web3 combos is my dream of web 2 onboarding to web3 utilizing blockchain subdomains. Web3 represents a "Global" decentralized immutable (un-changeable) platform. Blockchain is a foundation for for all sectors to have more trust in the connection. It also allows for "Digital Identity". A crypto wallet is 1 of 1, Just as we as individuals are 1 of 1. (There is only one of me) My idea uses Web3 Ethereum for social trust. Handshake blockchain for server and infastructure trust. Web2 for legal trust and search engines. Using these web3 domains as a global identity allows us to "trustlessly" connect as individuals at a global scale. Enjoy the web3 limo and come visit me on twitter. The 5 second video has no server (web3) Https:// (If your browser is web3 enabled, you do not need the .limo gateway.)