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Dr. Jessica Ashe




Foreign Affairs Premier Kingdom of Hawaii | International Educator | SDGs | Co-Rising | Be Different, Together Uniting indigenous royals globally “SUKHI222” Each person needs 2 gallons of water, 200 ft* safe enclosure and 2,000 calories/ [email protected] 🌏🌍Spreading resilience, Facilitating entertaining classes in India 🇮🇳, Bangladesh 🇧🇩, Pakistan 🇵🇰, and Australia 🇦🇺, Myanmar 🇲🇲, Algeria 🇩🇿, Part of the group of people who changed their name to include “Dr” and regretting it.🤣 Call me Jessie or Jessica. Current theory: use “Game Theory” to topple despotic governments in developing nations. Inspired thousands of youth ☄️in each of 15 cities across China 🇨🇳 in 2020. Seasoned public speaker🎤 In final 2 terms of an MBA @ Farmer School of Business 📚 For shedding light 🔦💡on a roving band of rapists in a forest 🌳in D.R. Congo 🇨🇩 the International Human Rights Commission awarded me “The Mother Theresa Peace 🕊☮️Award, 2020”. 🌶 Proud member of Spice Nation 🌶 🇰🇷 Game Show Host in Korea in 1991. Taught French at U Hawaii 🌺in ‘93. Inspiring people’s innate sense of curiosity 🧐is very different from just “teaching someone to read.” She, her, hers 🌈🦄