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Lisa Stuart




Attorney • Speaker • Writer • Creator of “The Drama Diet” • 📚 coming soon • Drama 🥷 ❣️”The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.” “Life is not a destination with many journeys … life is a Journey with many Destinations” ~ The Drama D8 🎤 I advocate choosing Love over Fear 💋 “The greatest L.A.W. is that Love. Always. Wins.” 👠 “In order to elevate you must learn to F.L.Y. - First. Love. Yourself.” 💥 “Confidence is a choice. And our greatest power is the ability to choose.” 🔥 “When you lose your fear you’ve got nothing left to lose.” ✨ On a mission to empower others by detoxing the drama … both externally and internally … so you can navigate with fear but lead with love … The Drama Diet teaches you to dance with your darkness, transmute chaos into light, and become a Drama Ninja 🥷 ✨ FUN FACTS: 🔥 Married my Twin Flame @russellstuart ❤️ Proud mom of 3 (ages 24, 22, & 5) 🇺🇸 Beverly Hills ⚖️ Personal Injury Plaintiff Litigator ❣️Life Designer and Love Mentor 🎶 Songwriter 👠 Fashion is my passion 🧘🏻‍♀️ Workout junkie 💃🏻 I love to dance it out 🌱 Mostly plant based ☕️ Coffee is my lifeline 🍷 Wine is my vice JOIN MY CLUBS: 💎SanXuary 💎Club Confidence 👠 Kick Limiting Beliefs To The Curb - stay tuned for more rooms 🧲 DM me the words DRAMA DIET and I’ll gift you the starter “recipe” of how to eliminate drama, rebirth your worth, and rip up the outdated checklist of your life that isn’t serving you so you can thrive despite chaos! 💥 📲 Let’s connect ... collaborate ... communicate