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Lisa Pereira




Traveler 🌎🌏🌍 Education 📚Exponential Tech, Humanities, 🧐 📷 🇵🇹 Growing up in Silicon Valley, I’ve always been interested in technology, culture and impact. I’ve been in education for a large portion of my life. Taught high school Leadership, Journalism, IB Theory of Knowledge and English for 7 years. Taught technology tools for teachers in a Teaching Credential Program for a few years. Adjunct teaching Intercultural communications, and now teaching a certificate program for Administrative Professionals. At Stanford, I worked at the Center for Innovation and Learning. For almost 5 years at Singularity University, I worked with faculty and helped in recruiting and onboarding a lot of the experts in various Exponential Technologies. I fell in love with Neuroscience and AI & Ethics. I’m looking forward to reconnecting and making new connections. And to continue learning, making impact and empowering others.