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Lisa Kolb




Art+Tech Curator, Brand Strategist, Creative Director Virtual Branding, Digital Art, NFTs, Crypto Art/Music, Blockchain, Open Metaverse, Immersive Art, XR - Member of 💯x ARt - Board of Directors Sausalito Art Festival and Creator/Curator of the Art Tech Pavilion - Curator for 2020 CODAME Art + Tech Festival, Virtual Gallery/Festival Grounds, ECommerce Store and Artists on NFT Platforms SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Async Art - Events/Curation for Museum of NFT Art (M0NA) in Cryptovoxels and Narcissus Gallery in Decentraland - Crypto/NFT Art Advisor to Art Experience Consultancy, Ueberformat - Overseeing planning/design/build of an Immersive Permanent AI Data Sculpture in San Francisco Bay Area Former companies/clients: Microsoft, TiVo, HBO, Airstream, The North Face