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Lisa King




Speaker, Author, Selfloveologist, Creator, TEDx Speaker, Mentor and Lover of Life ❤️. Helping others ignite their Gift is my ultimate passion. Self Love and Self Mastery are my tools. ❤️ Self Love Events, Workshops and Programs, both live and online. 🎤 Public Speaking and Self Mastery events and programmes, both live and online. Self Mastery for Teens - School Talks and Workshops. 📖 Creator of Stories of Truth and Triumph book series, all profits going to Megan’s Space, Young Peoples Mental Health Charity. 🎤 Vulnerability has become my Superpower. Sharing from stage is my joy. 🥑 I love food and socialising ❤️ Having fun and connecting with like minded people ⚽️ West Ham supporter, don’t hold that against me 🤣 Email: [email protected] TEDx Talk - Unmasking The True You