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💙The Miracle Morning Updated and Expanded Edition by Hal Elrod released on 12/12/2023💛 The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations by Brianna Greenspan ☀️💛☀️☀️💛☀️💛 The Miracle Morning SAVERS 🙏🏻Silence • 💗Affirmations • 🌄Visualization • 🚲Exercise • 📚Reading • ✏️Scribing • Welcome to The Miracle Morning House everyday at 7:00 a.m. Central time ✳️Moderator 🙏🏻Bringing Mental Health awareness 💪🏻Advocating addiction recovery 👫Championing for children 🎁Gifting The Miracle Morning 💗Cancer warrior 🚲 Movement enthusiast 🎶 Music is life 👬🏻Mama Bear to 8 boys 📍 Austin, TX 🔹Certified Addiction and Recovery Coach 🔹Courage Coach Giving kindness costs us nothing, but gives someone else everything. How can I make your day more beautiful? I am passionate about connecting, supporting and lifting up others. Highlighting courage and ability. 🔅Be of service-Steps in Stilettos 🔅Be of service-Women in Distress 🔅Be of service-Dress For Success ✨There’s always a glimmer of hope 🤗Hugs make everything better 🫶🏻Leave them better than you found them ☀️Have a gentle day 🌙Have a gentle night