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Lisa A. Clayton




Founder of Source Potential, a human evolution company and the Inner Leader Movement, Lisa is a successful business entrepreneur, author and spiritual intuitive-channel who offers more than 35 years experience in leadership for professional consulting-training globally, intuitive mentoring and transformational coaching. With Lisa’s lifelong teaching and coaching philosophy of “learning from the inside out,” she has combined her intuitive abilities with heart intelligence methods to establish the Inner Leader Movement, focusing upon individual’s spiritual gifts and life mission for moving forward with changes necessary for heart focused living fueled by Source energy. As an ordained Angel Minister, Lisa specialized in connecting individuals with their Source-self by conducting multi-dimensional intuitive transmissions. From her passion for heart-focused living, Lisa is a HeartMath Master Trainer and Coach-Mentor teaching individuals and groups stress reduction, resilience techniques for creating coherent, compassionate living environments. Lisa is a contributing author to inspirational books, “365 Days of Angel Prayers, 111 Morning Meditations, 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal, Heaven Sent, 365 Days of Self-Love and 25 Tools to Achieve Anything.”