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I hate the stats but it’s cred right 🤣 Linkedin 85 followers organically🚀 Linkedin - 4 million views a Month Coached Thousands of Recruiters On how to build their brand to generate inbound leads. Founder of the “The Marketing Recruiter” club. DM on Instagram to be a member. I teach recruiters how to get millions of views to generate inbound leads that result in 💰💰💰💰 DM on Instagram for help with your - Linkedin profile Linkedin content Linkedin sales strategy Find me on my favorite platform Linkedin. 🔥Recruitment Marketing Agency Startup Sales lead and coach: Hoxo media - UK based - US growing Turning Recruiters into Brands that generate inbound leads on Linkedin. After 5 years as a top performing agency recruiter, I realized there was a need for recruiters to brand themselves on Linkedin. 🎤Podcaster 🎥Linkedin Liver-streamer 😎Headhunter ✌️Recruiter 🎨Content Creator 🙏Founder 💪🏼Coach Host of the Headhunter Hideout Room: Wednesdays and Friday’s @10am CST. A space for recruitment professionals that want to grow their brands. For Fun: _________ 🤩- TikTok 11.5k followers - 2 million views a month. @JoelLalgee mainly sharing smiles and bashing education. Trying to make it... But getting further each day!🙏🙏🙏 About me: __________ Father of a Beautiful 18 month Girl- 👨‍👩‍👧 Husband of a Wonderful Wife 👧 - 🐶Dad X1 Originally From Blackpool, UK 🇬🇧🇹🇹🇺🇸 Go find me on Linkedin, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. 💻 Google “Joel Lalgee” I’m the only 1 Not your “Average” Linkedin Recruiter.