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Kevin Lim




-我是一个希望可以帮助世界上任何一个角落的人,使用基金的力量来帮助他们存钱达到自己的目标 如何帮助🤔 ⚡提供正能量 ⚡提供免费1对1咨询 ⚡提供一份理财计划书 ⚡提供无恼理财法 个人成就 ✅只需三个月拥有6位数以上的Personal Sales ✅Full Time Unit Trust Consultant ✅Private Retirement Scheme Consultant ✅4个月Achieved 300k sales ✅Co 1v1 tuition teacher ✅Co student of master of acupuncture ------------------------------ *About me* 👉I was a medical doctor 👉Quit medical doctor due to i wish to have worklife balance 👉Now i am a medical teacher, financial doctor and acupuncture student. ⛔People look down to me in my career ⛔Saying a doctor couldn't do anything other than related ⛔I was a nobody after quitting housemenship NOW 💯I am a licensed unit trust consultant which I could help people to plan their financial. 💯I am a loving teacher who always bring values and teaching to my students. 💯I am a student who further up my medical pathway and wishes to help more people. *more importantly: I build my own values and I proof my value in the market and society* 👉Let's know each others Telegram: FB: IG: limkaiwen617