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Lilia Shirman




🚀 B2B growth expert, Investor, people connector, builder, author, proud mom, sloppy skier, aspiring artist ✳️ Clubhouse host - Curious Collisions Club I help tech (SaaS, AI, enterprise) CEOs, Founders, and Boards ♟Pursue the right markets with the right value 📈Scale for massive growth. I speak and answer questions about ✅ B2B Tech go to market ✅ Creating actionable growth strategy ✅ Startup growth and value creation I believe 💡The most interesting creations happen at the intersection of disciplines 🤝 Business is personal 🏆 Real leaders show up authentically and completely 💕 Love powers the universe Venture Partner @ Scale-Up VC Founder & CEO @ Founder @ Author @ 42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Revenue: Go-to-Market strategies for increasing your relevance to business customers Chief Evangelist @ Emerald Hills Capital Investor & Advisor @ ZineOne Investor @ Mirantis, Gummicube, Cadenza Innovation, FullCircle Insights, Otonexus, JoyLux Advisor @ F50 Accelerator, 1World Online Growth & Strategy Consultant @ VMWare, Amazon, Oracle, EMC, MongoDB, Dynamic Signal, Symantec,, Spigit, Terragon Group, Mindjet, EVault, RICOH, BEA 📍☀️ I live in Silicon Valley in sunny, crazy California 🌎 I work, travel, and learn around the world 🪆Иногда говорю по-русски. 🤓 I’m curious about the future, astronomy, art, AI, behavioral science, object and experience design, cooking, architecture, crypto, the nature of consciousness