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Birgitta ‘Brie’ Granstrom




💡Pioneer & Trailblazere in the Coaching Industry | Coach Trainer | Self-Coaching Expert | Founder of LifeSpider System™ 🕸 🚀 The Movement i ⇨ Personal Development ⇨ Personal Evolution 🧬 🕸️ 🕸️ 🕸️ 🕸️ 🌐 I AIM TO UNITE “The Weird Ones” 🧠 — a generic name of the characteristics we find in Early Adopters, Innovators, Trailblazers, Highly Intelligent, Pioneers, Geniuses, and High Achievers — to ensure they Expand Their Universal Impact. ♣️ THE WEIRD ONES ♣️ The Weird Ones is back and we will meet every Friday 10:00 AM PST You can also meet us at our weekly audio event on Linkedin every Thursday 11:30 AM, PST 🕸 Be Weird Enough To Visit 🕸 THE WEB OF WEIRD 🕸️ 🕸️🕸️🕸️ 🌎 I’M ON A MISSION to continuously raise the standard in the Coaching Industry by training coaches to find the new dimension of transformation for themselves and their clients. ♣️ THE FUTURE OF COACHING ♣️ 🕸️ 🕸️🕸️🕸️ TRAILBLAZER I’m a 🇸🇪Swede in 🇺🇸California that devoted my life to finding answers to the question, "What is the meaning of your life?” I found the answer and discovered 🕷️LifeSpider System™ that challenges 😅 old psychology, philosophies, religion, new-age theories, and provokes established social structures. PIONEER 🕸 In Sweden, I’m a pioneer in the coaching industry and was the founder of the first ICF Accredited Coach training and president of the ICF Nordic in Stockholm. DISCOVERY 🕸 LifeSpider System™ is built upon 25+ years of teaching experience, coaching ten thousand clients, and ⌛30.000 hours of 🔬research in philosophy, religion, quantum physics, and metaphysics phenomena. DIGITAL NOMAD I was a 🎒digital nomad for several years to free time to conceptualize 🕷️LifeSpider System™ that became 🏛️LifeSpider Academy with 📜4 Certifying Coaching Programs. 🕸️ 🕸️ 🕸️ 🕸️ LIFE 🕷️REACTIONS 🤩 🗣️“Birgitta is the Michelangelo among all coaches.” 🗣️“LifeSpider System is Mindblowing. There is a life before and a life after.” 🗣️“She will no doubt change your life.” 🗣️“When I think “I got it,” she delivers a completely new angle that once again makes my head spin.” _________________________________ I’m living in🌲the wilderness with 🐎🐐🦆🐈 🐖 🐔 & ex- wild 🦃 🦨🦝 🐍 🐸🐦. 🛎 Let’s connect to find out what’s next ⬇️ 🔘 LinkedIn: