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Scott Morris




Booking Agent | Talent Scout | Radio Promoter | Tour Coordinator | Event planner | Casting Agent | Program Director For SDTV - I cast models as well - I love to sleep (in clubhouse jail šŸ˜« will follow back) NYC & ATL But Iā€™m always traveling I have access to Apple TV, Roku Tv, Verizon TV šŸ“ŗ, blogs and magazines as well šŸ˜Ž I have access to - Bet jams, Music choice, MTV, etc - radio and radio runs - bio creation - Press releases - EPK - BTS shooting/editing - publications & blogs - Apple TV, Roku TV, Verizon TV, - Magazines - Spotify promotion / playlist - music reviews - influencer marketing - shows - tours - YouTube promotion - consultations sessions - studios - photoshoots - videographers - models - Business Growth Opportunities (sponsorships, product placement, etc) and more Whatever you need just let me know how I can help