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Fritz Coetzer




🔥Our VALUES are the Ground-rules for everything we do💥 📰Fascinated about being human, healthy eating, wellness & nutritional supplementation 🧠Founder of OptiLife 🤝🏻Co-founder of OptiMedz Entrepreneur🤓 Wannabe chopper pilot🚁 🇿🇦 Proudly South African 🙏🏻Gratitude is an attitude Passionate about: 🏋🏼‍♂️🥝🚵🏻 Health & Wellbeing 🧠Growing Personally, Professionally & Mentally 💰🔑🛩Wealth Building, Freedom, Travel 🗣💪🏻Power of our Words 👁😎Consciousness & Intention 🧩Unity & Empowering each other 👊🏻👍🏻How Healthy Habits will change your life Want to be attached to Nothing, Connected to Everything! 👌🏻Side Hustle: Teaching people in poor communities to bake healthy bread in highly efficient wood-fired rocket ovens, requiring no electricity! HELP US RAISE $25K in May & June to enable us to train bakers and set up their shops in local communities! Should you wish to contribute/donate please DM “bread” ✌🏽🎯💰🙏🏻 💬Connect with me to help make a DELIBERATE IMPACT in this Crazy Beautiful world! 💯 🤗 I believe in kindness, being authentic & in the goodness of all people 🤙🏻🙏🏻My vision is for humankind to rekindle the fact that our bodies are our temples & true bliss are found within.