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Liezell Bradshaw




πŸ”₯ Transformational Energy Practitioner | Life Architect & Coach | Problem Solver | Connector of People | Entrepreneur πŸ”₯ 🌟 Digital Strategist | Marketing & Branding | Change Maker | Investor | Volunteer & Do-Gooder | Mentor 🌟 In a nutshell: I use various energy modalities, quantum physics, spiritual tools, and other processes to help you thrive, live more abundantly and passionately in all areas of your life: personally, professionally, relationships, finances, lifestyle and health. πŸ‘ I help you and also teach you how to raise your own vibration /frequency, and to manifest and create the life you deserve to live. πŸ‘ Let me add value to your next retreat Certified Emotion Code Practitioner Advocate of self-empowerment & universal love, and balancing your feminine energy within. Quantum Creator. Light worker. 🌈 Creator of the very popular ENERGY HEALING club - pls join and help us grow the club, let it serve you! 🌈 πŸ“£ Would love to connect and add value to you (and also learn from you). Let’s moderate, collaborate and partner to engage in authentic connection and conversations. Let’s support and build each other up and raise the collective and human consciousness. ⭐️ Ask me about Healy, a wearable holistic wellness device that helps to balance the bioenergetic field around your body to activate self-healing capacity - I use it on myself and clients with amazing results. I love conscious technology. Consciousness | Information Field | Quantum Field | Frequencies | Vibrations | Spirituality | Bioenergetic Field | Alchemy | Hacking: bio, spirit, mind Love | Gratitude | Authenticity | Honesty | Compassion | Truth Seeker | Coherence | Universal Love | Be you, Be real | Give more than you take Published Author Mental and Emotional Health Matters Pronouns: She/Her Biomom of 3 (Bonus parent to 4 more) Active volunteer at: Would love to connect - please add and message me on Instagram (@liezellb) πŸ™‚ $LiezellisAwesome