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💯📌As a Tech TV Host and Tech Influencer 📺 I am Liberty Madison #ThatTechGirl, dubbed The Oprah of Silicon Valley by Billionaire fund manager Tim Draper. TechTV, TWIT TV, CISCO, ABC, Docusign. Hypothesis: ✅I believe creators and influencers will determine the direction of all economies. **ask why** 📌As a Tech Founder 📢 I help startups secure VC funding through innovative user acquisition strategies. 📢 I help founders and influencers increase impact, income, and influence. 📢I help brands interact with Influencers in unconventional ways so they can increase their visibility, revenue, and market share ❣️📌Nonprofit Founders📌❣️ 💰💰I host Pitch Your Non Profit Show, the Shark Tank for Nonprofits, #1 NonProfit show on Clubhouse. Every Thursday at 6pm CST - 8pm CST Over $225,000 raised on the stage Apply at 🎯Founded 1. 🤓🏠Startup House Oakland- a residential accelerator and 24/7 experience for tech founders and entrepreneurs. I have a passion for building ecosystems powered by culture, community, and conversion. 🏆Currently building 🏆 An Accelerator - To educate and fund creative founders Silicon Valley + Austin, Texas Interested in rooms 📍Tech Startups 📍Influencers + Creator 📍Influencer Marketing 📍Creator Economy Email me: [email protected] Free ➡️⬅️ 🎯Fun fact: Also a Executive Producer. A director I produced won an Oscar😊