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Libby Neder




Client Communications Teacher for Entrepreneurs 😤➡️😃 Want help with your tricky clients? Join my group: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Destination Wedding Photographer🛫📷 since 2009. Based in TX 🤠 and CO🏔 available everywhere. Over 200 weddings photographed in 22 states–and looking forward to the other 28 🗺 Lover of camping 🏕 public transit 🚊 and great conversations 🍻🍷 Inquire for your wedding at: ♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️ Topics I love talking about or moderating: 👉Communicating with clients—learn how to avoid conflict and inspire raving fans. If you work with clients and are both the customer service department and the bottom line, I can save you money and headaches. 🤬➡️🥰 👉Travel ✈️ 👉Wine Nerd 🍷 👉Destination weddings 📷 👉Backpacking/bushcraft 🏕 👉Colorado & other wild destinations 🏔🌊🌲 👉Meyers-Briggs/Enneagram [ENFP/7]