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Lianna Adams




I believe in making a difference in someone’s life. You not only impact their life, you impact everyone influenced by them throughout their life. ✨ Lianna is dedicated to cultivating a humanity-first culture within different communities. As an advisor to ARTXV, a neurodivergent collective in the Web3 space, and having served as Vice President and curation lead to The Dream Conduit, a non-profit helping creatives enter the Web3 space, Lianna has dedicated her time and expertise to ensuring that everyone has a chance to succeed in this industry. She is also a member of Top Tier Impact Network, an organization that recognizes leaders who drive positive change in their communities. Lianna has been instrumental in creating a blueprint for using blockchain and NFTs to raise funds for humanitarian crises, such as the recent crisis in Afghanistan. She has also fostered social impact in the NFT space and helped build communities including her commitment to mental health - she is a strong advocate who holds weekly rooms and guided meditation sessions in the NFT space, on top of speaking and moderating at NFT and Web3 conferences, including NFT NYC, NFT Confex, and The Web3 Conference. Lianna is passionate about using blockchain and Web3 technology to preserve cultural heritage. Lianna is constantly exploring ways to better serve humanity and the environment in any projects she is involved with or consults. ::