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Liana Sananda Gillooly




animated matter ⚡️holder of paradox 🗺 realizing the benefits of psychedelic healing through research, advocacy, and education with the 35 yr old pioneering non-profit  ✊Supporting the movements to end the failed war on drugs by decriminalizing all drugs and regulating them according to their risks and benefits. 🌀Normalizing the post prohibition future & reconciling the harms of the drug war by addressing it’s root cause: systemic oppression, inequity, and racism. Nurturing the conditions for communities to holistically heal- and thrive- from the inside out. ⚕️Integrating tools of healing safely, responsibly, and effectively alongside global allies of and 💫 Supporting the ethical expansion of the emergent psychedelic field through reverence, regeneration, reciprocity, purpose, and New Economy principles as co-founder and Boars Chair of 🌱Protecting and supporting the indigenous lineages of psychedelic plant medicines as Board Member of and Advisor to the Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative             🌏 Co-conspirator for the collective liberation of 100% of all humans and the nourishment of all life on Spaceship Earth 💸 Wrangling resources to fuel the movements. 🌬fangirl of: name a few