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Lezette Marie




⋆ Inner Self Guide | Astrologer | Historian ⋆ In essence — I will teach you how to channel your Self and finally reveal your inner wisdom from Source. My gift is guidance. Your gift is you. My purpose in this life is to connect with others and help them connect with themselves. I will help you reframe your relationship with the mind and reconnect with your highest Self through astrology, awareness and love. Whether you are someone doing ‘the work’ who’s interested in releasing emotional energy or healing, a coach wanting to upgrade your personal practices to be the best leader you can be, or someone who’s just interested in what your highest Self has to say, together we can find the clarity you are searching for. 🔓 1/3 Splenic Projector ✨ Ruled by Jupiter 📍 Massachusetts 🎓 M.Ed. History 🧘🏻 YTT 200 🪐 Hellenistic Astrology. Tropical, Whole House ♥️ Inner Voice Facilitator, certified with Jess Lively 1:1 Sessions & Resources at or DM on Instagram Twitter Tag: #AwakenedSelfLM Venmo: lezettemarie