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John J Wiley




Syndicated talk radio show host, the show started as a podcast. Grow your podcast & make it appealing to radio. My show the Law Enforcement Talk Radio show started as a podcast and is also a syndicated radio show on 111 AM-FM US radio stations with a total combined US population of more than 40 million people. Several more radio Now broadcast weekly on 111 U.S. Radio stations. It started as a free podcast and still is. After airing on radio episodes are converted to podcasts. More US stations are considering adding the show. Podcaster, FM Radio DJ. Broadcast School Teacher.🎙📻📡 🎧. The Law Enforcement Talk radio show is pitched as “Doing for radio what the ID Channel does for TV” and is syndicated by Talk Media Network. FREE Tools for podcasters. Join our Podcasting 2 Radio Club and check out MEDIA KIT and RADIO CLOCK. Enter the words Media Kit or Radio Clock (separately) in my IG messenger to download either to use as a guide for FREE. Host and founder of the True Crime Fighters podcast. Links to all of my radio shows, podcasts and social media can be found in my Linktree. The Linktree can be found in my Instagram bio. ✳️ Podcast Pros House Founder. Also co-moderate other rooms. Professional FM music radio DJ, with experience in multiple formats. My on air radio name and personality is “Ripley”, currently the mid day host on WKYZ-FM Pirate Radio Key West. 🎶 Instructor at Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Located in West Palm Beach Florida. 🌴Grandson of Irish Immigrants. ☘️ Happily married for many years. Father of two adult daughters. Rottweiler and rescue cats Dad. If I can help you please email me [email protected] or DM on social media below.