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PODCASTER | KEYNOTE SPEAKER | EQUESTRIAN 📱🧬🧠Founder/CEO of East West Functional Training, LLC 🗣️ Public speaker - lectures on-site, hybrid, radio/tv, podcaster, “Keep It Dirty” podcast on Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio, YouTube. Topics of discussion: Getting back to eating what Mother Earth provides, biohacking, living optimally and sustainably 🌎🧠🥗💪🏻 Linkdn⬇️⬇️⬇️ 📀We offer customized packages for corporations based on the needs of their individuals that will create optimal health and a better work life balance. My focus is on C-suite executives, restoring and rebooting their mental health and wellness. When optimizing one’s health, there can be a direct correlation to an increase in revenue and productivity Focus: 📉 Needs Assessment Strategies 🧠🥗Nutrigenomics 🧬Epigenetics 🧪🧬Regenerative Health 🧠🫃Brain/Gut Health 🌍 Environmental Health/Toxic Overload ☢️ Xenoestrogens 📡 EMF’s 🧠Mental Health 🪑🖥🔆Ergonomic Assessment Degrees/Certifications: 🧬Board Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, FNLP Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, CFNC 📉BSBA-MM 🏛Architectural Drafting and Design Certification 💼 Experience: *Masco Corporation- Product Development Specialist *Auto-cad for commercial design companies focusing on systems furniture *Launched retail operations on east coast *Art Gallery owner/Philadelphia,PA *Philanthropist 📻 Podcaster 🎙Check out my 2 podcasts: 🌎My first podcast created in 2020 ➡️ Generation Foundation. I co-created it with my son, Nick Dowling, an Environmental Studies Major at Wake Forest University. We discuss environmental topics prevalent within our daily lives. 🌎🍃🧠🥗 My Second Podcast created in 2022 ➡️ Keep it Dirty. My guests share their life, journey, living functionally and sustainably and the “why” behind their experiences navigating through our ever-changing environment. I share and educate my years of eating clean, the environmental shifts effecting our health and staying in optimal, mental and physical balance providing tools and tips for rebooting and restoring your physical well-being YouTube channel: Keep it Dirty Passions: 🐎 Avid Equestrian-discipline-Eventing Certified Reiki Practitioner working with horses 🧠🥗💪🏻”RECLAIM YOUR MENTAL HEALTH and WELLNESS. BE THE HERO OF YOUR LIFE JOURNEY” By Leslie Dowling