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💷 The Founder of The Money Confidence Academy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇬🇧 🎙’Let’s Talk Money and more’ Podcast - Top 5% Globally 🚀🎉 ✨Associate Coach for Money Mindset for Lisa Johnson’s communities 🙇‍♀️Do you struggle to talk confidently about money and feel really uncomfortable when you do ? 💃I help ambitious female business owners have open and confident money conversations. So you can make more money, increase your sense of safety and security, whilst creating more financial freedom. ❤️Allowing you to have more time to do what you love. 📘’Success Secrets of Entrepreneurs’ - Published 29th April 2022 🎉🍾 Female Business Owners join The Money Confidence Community Link in Insta Bio Are you ready to improve your relationship with money ? Ask yourself the following questions ❓Do you want your business to make more money ❓Do you want to improve your relationship with money ❓Do you want to overcome limiting beliefs around your self worth and self value ❓Do you want to increase your prices and get paid for the value you bring ❓Do you know you need to become more visible DM: RESET I am helping people like you to ✅ Grow your income ✅ Master your Mindset ✅ Get paid for the value you bring ✅ Let go of self limiting beliefs ✅ Get visible and own your niche ✅ Fall in love with your business all over again ✨My Story✨ 20 Award Winning years in Corporate Telecommunications , before starting my entrepreneurial journey in 2010, as co-owner of a business selling property in the Swiss and French Alps. Now also supporting others to grow and thrive in their business. ✨Certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach 💷💰 ✨Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Practitioner ✨ Certified Mindset Coach ✨ Certified NLP Coach ✨ Certified Timeline Practitioner ✨ Certified Hypnotherapist Email: [email protected] ❤️ Wife of one, mum of two sons 🔥Supporting clients to get into the RIGHT action FAST 🏆 Passion + Action = A Plan ! Website 🔗 🔗 ✨✨💷💷 What are your Money Archetypes ? We are all made up of 3 of the 8 Money Archetypes and knowing your own can help overcome the challenges we face in our personal relationship with money 💷💷✨✨ Want to know about your personal Money Archetypes DM me