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🖼 Visit the ‘Clubhouse Museum’ (club) - meet other visitors, share stories & join the Creativity Breaks 🖼 (click on the first club at the bottom of the page) 📆 DATA CREATIVITY BREAKS 📆 Maandag 12 april (9:30): “Start je week met een Creativity Break” “The earth without Art is just ‘eh’“ 📍Amsterdam based facilitator & entrepreneur. I worked 12 years as a pharmacist 💊 and switched careers in 2018. Now the museum is my ‘office’ and playground where I guide teams to build up trust, connection & a creative mindset. 🖼 For leaders who want to build high performing & creative teams. Where? In the (virtual) museum 🖼 🔔 Ping’ me when you talk about: 🔔 • Art • Teambuilding with focus on trust, creativity, vulnerability, real connections, creative confidence • Entrepreneurship • Online facilitator skills • Career Switch • South-Korea • Music • Motherhood & business • Podcast 🖼 (Learn From Art) facilitates Art Based Learning teambuilding sessions (EN/NL) 🖼 Where? Offline in museums and/or galleries & online in the virtual museum 🌍 What I love about my job? To welcome visitors and teams from all over the world in the virtual museum. To see them connect on a personal level. 🎁 My gifts from me to you: 🎁 • Kunst Verbindt Podcast (Art Connects) 🎙 (NL) • The Online Art Connects Game (EN/NL) Let’s connect on LinkedIn & Instagram. Here I share free Creativity Breaks: easy & fun exercises. Watch art in a different way with your colleagues and share stories! ______________________________________________ 🌍 (EN/NL) 📧 [email protected]