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My name is LeoRising, please say the whole thing. pronouns: He/They 🖤 🎇A Year On Clubhouse Was Enough. Where there were cooperative & harmonious meetings, those will be blessed forever. Farewell 2021. I identify my “do’s” as principles I’m blessed to live by that pay me abundantly & support my passion of activating empathic literacy in every community I co-create in. My Do’s 💻 Narrative Healer & Coach 📿 International Yoga Personality 🌟 Applied Medium & Auric Amplifier 🎬🕶 Film/Tv Actor, Screenwriter & Intimacy Coordinator, Content Creator 🎙 PodCast Correspondent, Anti-Racism Educator, & Intimacy Coordinator at Himeros Backstage 👋 Ask me about inclusive moderation & empathic literacy 🧘🏽‍♂️ Ask me about breathwork, meditation, & applying your intuition in deeper ways. "Damn, I don't brag enough." 💅🏽 -Megan Thee Stallion