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✨GOD IS THE GREATEST✨ A proud Eritrean American with a passion for cultivating connections, I thrive on bringing people together. As a real estate and mortgage maven by day, I love helping others navigate the world of home ownership. But there's more to me than mortgages! When I'm not closing deals, you can find me indulging my inner fashionista, noshing at the hottest new restaurants, immersing myself in the arts, hitting a high note at a concert, or spending time with my loved ones. I also love exploring new cultures, traveling the globe, and fuelling my imagination by constantly learning and reading. I'm an advocate, a volunteer, and a bona fide "people person." If our interests intersect in music, food, real estate, volunteering, cultural exploration, or really anything, let's connect! I'm always looking to grow my community of like-minded, big-hearted people. The more we share our gifts with the world, the brighter this world becomes.