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Dr. Lemny Perez




••Dorje Gyaltso•• 🖤🏳️‍🌈 Open to listen, engage & collaborate with the real. •Humility is Nobility •It’s all a dream, so just be kind. 🔍VISUAL ART •NFT artist/collector/curator •open to collaborations, contributing writing, poetry, spoken-word, psych-art consultancy, meditation/mindfulness. •abstract.surrealism. urban. the feminine. •Acrylic painting, hot glass, woodworking, digital art, comics, graphic novel, documentary film🔍 🎶WRITER. M.A. in Writing & Consciousness. •Speculative fiction, memoir, essay, PB, graphic novel. •2005 VONA Alum (Fiction w/ Junot Diaz) •2020 MUSAS HERMANA •2021 KWELI Writing Fellow •Columnist @LatinoStories🎶 🌐RIME PRACTITIONER •Hinayana, Mahayana, Tantra, Dzogchen, Vedantist •yoga TEACHER yogaTHERAPIST •Reiki 2nd degree. Tarot. •Meditation Experience:28yrs🌐 🧷CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, Psy.D. •Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. •Former ED of BH @ FQHC •Community Mental Health Radio Speaker/Producer •Qualitative research focus in colorism, ethnic identity development, beauty constructs and self-esteem among Dominican women in Washington Heights, NY. •Director of Global Healing: Liberation/ Trauma Healing Workshops-Nepal @wearehealingtogether🧷 🧮LIFE COACH/ ICF Certified. •Executive Coaching •Spirituality •Solutions Focused 🧮 🐤 OG Nerd. 🇩🇴 Arab-Dominicana/Pan African. Bodhisattva Space traveler: 🚀NYC/California/Nepal/DR/China🚀 Canary in a coal mine. Nothing new under the sun. Spread wisdom, it’s the BK way🐤 •All statements made on CH are a matter of personal opinion, and do not reflect my professional clinical judgement. References to mental health are made for educational purposes only.