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CCO @canopyright_ and Founder@HumboldtGrace Founder @Humboldt_grace_legacy_project 👩🏻‍🌾2 generation cannabis cultivator and daughter of the back to the land movement. 🏘🔐CCO @canopyright A unique blockchain/ledger technology developed to protect cultivars and empower the breeder. 🧬 🌲Founder of The Humboldt Grace Legacy Project, a group of breeders, scientists, and technologies coming together to create a pathway for unique cultivars through an auction in Humboldt County. 💭 🙏🏼💕Founder of Humboldt Grace, a Dream-maker project of The Ink People. Our mission is to empower the people and communities that have been impacted by the drug war. Send me a note my DMs are open on IG let’s connect💥!