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🧚🏻Healing is revealing the Divine Idea of You 💜 Upcoming Speaking Engagements 01/21, 02/04, 02/18 Co-Spiritual Leader Scottsdale Center For Spiritual Living Live Stream / replay Link See IG for Private Consultations and appointments online or in person 🙌💜☕️ Spiritual Leader / Founder ✨✨✨ SimpleSpirit101 LLC 💖 Ready to take your spiritual experience of life to the next level? 🔥 Ready to really embrace your ability to manifest your dreams? 🧚‍♂️ Ready to walk in a greater awareness of Spirit all around and within you? 💜 If any of this resonates with you, reach out to me and let’s talk about how we can work together 🙌 Spiritual Coach / Mentor Ordained Minister Centers for Spiritual Living Former Faculty Member Ernest Holmes College, School of Ministry Black Belt - Shaolin Kenpo MARS Leadership University “On Course” Facilitator Generator 1/3 Quad INFP 🐉 Sci-Fi / Fantasy fan Available for: Individual consultation Guest Speaking Workshop Author and Facilitator Weddings 💜Spiritual Practice 💜Spiritual Experience 💜Spiritual Living ✨Magic is real and lives in You💫 DM me, Let’s Connect! Peoria, AZ