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Lea Jacobson, CCA




I teach you how to use essential oils safely no matter which brand you use. 😎 Founder of the largest aromatherapy Facebook group, “Using Essential Oils Safely COMMUNITY” with 170k members🔥 💧Certified Clinical Aromatherapist 🎓 Essential Oil Educator 🧠 Expert Blend & Recipe Formulator 👩‍🔬 📚 Author & Speaker 🔈 ⭐️Teaches everyday essential oil users ⭐️ Provides product recipes to small business owners ⭐️ Formulates blends for large aromatherapy companies 🌟 Trains Essential Oil Safety Coaches 👀 for entrepreneurs who need expertly formulated aromatherapy blends and products containing essential oils to create and sell to their customers - DM me on Instagram or email me 📧[email protected] 💻 📖 📝 FREE RECIPE: ANXIETY & STRESS diffuser recipe: ✅