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Leah Hall



👩🏽‍💻Brand Strategist , ✍🏾Content Creator +💡Marketing Expert I partner with service-based women that want to curate a signature offer based on their natural strengths so they can flourish in their niche and business. #shmillie What I Offer ✨Partnership with women to structure their business ideas into a business model ✨Curated VIP Success Intensives ✨Brand Success Accelerators 🏡My Clubhouse Intentions 💡To honor women by showcasing their expertise 💡To support more Black women + Women of Color to expand beyond the 9-5 💡To be intentional about supporting other women as they create FREEDOM - both with time + money Topics We Can Collaborate on 🌱Branding + Your Unique Voice 🌱Branding with Color Psychology 🌱Strategy + Strategic Planning 🌱Business Growth 🌱Content Creation 🌱Monetizing your niche 🌱Leaving a 9-5 to start a business Notable Mentions 🥂2019 Honeybook + Rising Tide 20 On the Rise Marketing Expert 📺 Client featured on BET + The BBC 👩🏽‍💻Creator of Branding Beyond A Logo™ {Accelerator} + Branding With Focus™ {Signature Offer VIP Intensive} Ready to attract clients + to grow your business?! Let’s connect👇🏾