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Leah Abraham




Childhood Trauma Expert🖤 Trauma Informed Transformation Coach and Healing Guide 🇺🇸 Guidance in Trauma | Sexual Abuse |Addiction |Alignment | SelfLove ✨Follow on Instagram to learn about My 5StepHealingProcess 🤗♥️ __________________________________ Find Me In The Following Rooms ⤵️ __________________________________ JOIN MY TRAUMA DRAMA HOUSE Where I host the 🥺Trauma Drama Room Thursday @ 12pm EST ♥️🦋 ✨Kids EQ and Growth Mindset Room every other Sunday @ 1pm EST ♥️🦋 I am a well of knowledge, passionately stepping into purpose to connect with those I am meant to serve!🙏 I Experienced trauma for the first 18 years of my life... I lived in addiction for the next 10 years of my life... I spent the last 11 years healing from trauma, addiction and learning to adopt the deep practice of self love and to come into alignment... I have blended my personal experience, my formal education and the spiritual education gained on my healing journey to create my unique 5STEP Healing Process. The 5STEP Healing Process: Step 1: Alignment- knowing what alignment feels like for you. Step 2: Self Love- building a foundation of self love. Step 3: Denial and trauma- letting go of our denials and accepting our deep traumas as truth. Step 4: Addictions- Learning to see our addictions clearly. Step 5: Tools- Recovery tools that we take along on our healing journey. These 5 Steps will allow you to see yourself clearly and to begin to restructure your core belief system. You will have new perspective surrounding your trauma and addiction and will know what your next right steps look like. Things that bring me into alignment: 💃🏽I love to dance 🎶I love to sing and listen to music ✨I advocate for all things Holistic 💖I believe in kindness! love over fear! 🙌Mom to 4 (17yrs 13yrs 8yrs & 4yrs) 🐓Chicken mom, dog mom, cat companion and turtle tamer! 🔥Here to serve others as a healing guide! Follow me on Instagram you can DM Me anytime, I have cultivated a safe and compassionate community there. Come check it out, also tons of free content to consume there on my IG page! If you are ready to heal and to shift your perspective, I welcome you and I honor your journey! ♥️