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Dr.Roberto Ponticelli




⏩Leadership and Workplace Hacker 🚀I help business leaders create highly productive teams and a thriving workplace culture 👉without having to hire or fire 🤝 ✍ For years I struggled as a leader, and I watched others do the same. I saw executives get frustrated with their staff, and staff get frustrated with their executives. Profits lagged. Turnover increased. Nobody was fulfilling their potential. I realised that many ethically-minded business leaders have a dilemma. On the one hand, profits and productivity matter. Leaders need their employees to be productive, independent, and efficient to get results. At the same time, these leaders also want to create a healthy workplace culture, be a good boss, and make sure their organization does good for the world. (Because profits aren't everything.) So when existing teams are underperforming, what can they do? Let people go? (No one wants to do that.) Sink hours into training and coaching their staff? (That requires time they don't have.) Here's what I've learned: If you're in this position, more hiring and firing probably isn't the answer. In fact, with the right system, underperforming individuals can turn into your best, most high-performing team members. Here are some of the results I've seen:   😁£3.6m additional revenue and enabled other £40m that year – by a small team of rejected employees.   😉£1.2m contract won in 4 weeks – by an unproductive business development team.   🤐$13m investment and $100m contract - by a small unknown startup of young graduates.   🤫Multi-million-€ defence technology contract – by a tiny startup of inexperienced engineers.   😵Delivered multi-million-€ EU R&D international project – by a dysfunctional team of scientific researchers. These "dysfunctional", "inexperienced," "unproductive" team members weren't broken or lazy. Nor were their bosses. They just needed a different system. That's what I do: I'm like an engineer for your workplace culture, helping you get the best out of your team (and your time.) With my Leadership Engineering© system, I help leaders implement methods that lead to better employee performance, increased profits, and a healthy and happy workplace culture. So your employees shine, your business thrives, and you become the leader you have it in you to be. 👉DM me (CH,  LinkedIn, Blog):  🤝 ✍