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Capt. Theresa




✈️ Airline Pilot & Flight Instructor 🎙 Podcast Host “Landings With A Flair” 👩‍✈️ ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Gold Seal, Glider 🏆 2011 Flight Instructor of the Year, FAA Great Lakes Region (8 States) 🇺🇸 PODCAST 🎙“Landings With A Flair: Pilot Flight Training” PRONUNCIATION 👋 Ter-EE-suh (the “h” is silent) VIEWS 🇺🇦 Stand with Ukraine HOUSE FOUNDER 🛫 Pilot Flight Training GOALS ✈️ Supporting Flight Training 🌎 Increasing Diversity in Aviation & STEM 🙌 Giving Career Mentoring BACKGROUND 🛩 I’ve been interested in flying planes since I was eleven. Major scholarships helped make my dream a reality. Now I’m on a mission to pay it forward! I am currently a pilot at an airline in the United States. Prior to joining the airlines, I was an active flight instructor for twelve years. I trained dozens of aspiring instructors and was the chief flight instructor and general manager of a Part 141 (FAA certified) flight school. LOCATION 📍Michigan NOTES ✅ Although I strive to give accurate information, nothing I say I guaranteed to be free of error. ✅ My views are my own. They do not represent any organization or business that I am involved with. Joining a room does not mean that I agree with the opinions expressed in it. WEBSITE