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Leanne Costantino




Leadership & Self Empowerment coach💥 Helping people live consciously, love courageously and lead compassionately ! 🧬 have you wanted to discover your epigenetic health type. Through Wholistic wellness live to your potential, create a legacy and embody an inspired life. ❤️ love working with humans on the spectrum /ADHD to assist them to experience greater emotional intimacy with self and others. My other interests include 🇦🇺 Aussie jokes 🧩 ASD/ADHD 🔬lover neuroscience 🥸 experiential games 🧠 mindset /NLP LinkedIn: leanne-Costantino Professional Coach , ph360 Health Coach Meta Dynamics & NLP, E-Disc profiler, Flow Coach. Embodiment practitioner. Mum of 3 teens who are quirky Cycling 🚴🏼 Bushwalking and nature lover Jigsaw puzzles Swimming in the ocean 🌊