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Layla Kay




🇲🇨 American living in Monaco 🎙Is It Just Me? Podcast co-host Season 3, 2023-24 E1: Season Opener - 13 Sept I travel the world and work with companies to find their vulnerabilities, before they become actual events. I also offer guidance on negotiations and influencing others…I’m constantly shifting mindsets and culture to get rid of weak spots (people habits, and process) - so if you need advice asking for a raise, asking for a new position, getting motivated, shifting mindsets at work, home, with family, friends, and strangers - even how to say no - I’m ready to listen and offer real tactics that you can do immediately, DM me 📩 I am considering launching the 🎙podcast ☠️ “What can kill your business” ☠️. But I need to protect the company and leaders who have made the mistakes! If you see me in a room, ask me to share a relevant jaw dropping story, and you will think “how can that even happen??”