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Laxmi Birajdar




FILM AND THEATRE ACTOR 🎭🎬🎥 📍INDIA (Name pronounced as LUCK-SHMEE) Working in - Feature films | Short films | Experimental theatre | Dramatised story and play-readings | Done three solo acts - Juggling theater and the big screen. Living and loving every bit of it. - Quadralingual : English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada. - Trained in dance and martial arts. - Currently learning Spanish. - Fav subjects : History⏳, astronomy🚀, literature📚, archaeology🦖 - Fav cartoons - "Tom & Jerry" and "Bugs Bunny" - Love games on scrambled letters/words and crossword puzzles. - Totally dig senseless, random, but original, comedy.😁 - Listening to music be my fav jam.🎶📻 - Cosmopolitan. World citizen🌍. Traveller. Explorer. Adventurer. - Don't mistake my politeness for weakness. - OG 🙌🏻 - Leo♌ - Keeping calm and carrying on.🤘🏻 *GOOD VIBES ONLY* 🎉