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Lawrence Stanley




CEO and founder of Cardiac Medical Services 🫀A virtual health 📲🩺👨🏽‍💻and 👁diagnostic arrhythmia management company specializing in the customization of ambulatory ECG, monitoring technologies designed to rapidly diagnosis symptomatic or asymptomatic patients in acute or non-acute care settings. All device technologies are medical grade and FDA approved. Established numerous strategic partnerships providing 24/7 🕛365 coverage domestically and abroad🌎. Focused on unbundling and streamlining access to preventative care while improving time to diagnosis. In an effort to synchronize innovation with standard of care, have advised many of the leading Integrated Delivery Networks in the U.S. including Ascension Health, John's Hopkins, Novant, Mednax, & HCA. “It’s not always about the biosensor, patch or tiny widget, it’s the holistic approach to the patient’s experience that matters“ Philanthropic mission entails improving price transparency and real-time access to ‘healthcare deserts’, 🐪🌽rural areas of the country where access to quality of care is limited. NRHA Also the Co-Founder of The Cap-X Group, which pursues private investment strategies to help restructure small businesses for strategic growth 📈and development. The Cap-X group also provides access to capital for real-estate redevelopment projects and lifestyle hotel 🏨brands. Has guest lectured at Cornell University’s school of Hospitality and Entrepreneurship and holds a B.A. from The University of Maryland 🐢College Park Robert H. Smith School of Business. Hobbies include: ⛵️ ⛷ ⛳️🏌️‍♂️ Tau Epsilon Phi 🟣 📩 [email protected] 🌐 🌐 📍 Washington, DC ☎️ 1-877-678-4937 ext. 81 📱703-744-0404 sms 🌐 www.capx 📍 Mountain View, CA ☎️ 1-866-929-2279 ext. 81 📱703-744-0404 sms