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Lavina Ramkissoon




⚡️aiMom 💛 shespeaksafrica 🐾 conscious creator - more intelligent tomorrow 🐢 iconic 👋advisor AU,EU&ITU🚀african trailblazer 👋chairperson & director ❄ Invite me to speak, contribute, moderate Women advancing AI VentureBeat Women in AI + Women in AI Ethics Nano, Xtended Reality, Quantum, Hyper Intelligence, Philosophy, Psychology (AI + Human), Technology, Economics, Blockchain, Crypto 🥥 media personality 🧠 global leadership awards 🎧 podcasthost 🎤 keynotespeaker 🎬 actoress, dancer 📚 author 👏 contributor to ITWeb Africa 😍 mom of beautiful twin humans 🪴 born vegetarian 📍Africa Featured Forbes Africa, Passion Vista Luxury Magazine, SABC /CNBC News, TechBuild.Africa Blockbuild.Africa ❤ appreciation I masteringit I keepevolving 📍Africa 🇿🇦 Namaste 🙏 👇 (stay connected)